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Here you can spend the good time at sea, fishing, eating or just diving in nature discovering the charm of a hard and ancient work.

The various outputs will be divided into:

  • MORNING with exit at 6.30 and returning at 10.00 for a maximum of 5/6 people
  • LUNCH with exit at 12.00 and return to 17.00 for a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 4 people
  • AFTERNOON with exit at 17.30 / 18.00 and return at 21.00 for a maximum of 5/6 people
  • DINNER at the dock or at sea for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people


You will learn to drive a boat at various speeds, so many turns and stumble, sailing and windsurfing with many other notions: instrumentation, angles, apparent and real wind.


For those who want to master the crew maneuvers, in bad weather conditions (downhill reductions, sailing changes in the bow, swinging and jerking in sync, feeling the wave and tackling the sea safely) learning to consult the onboard instrumentation (GPS plotter, radar, wind station and Veh). Also, absolute novelty, man recovery at sea alone (because alone because there may not be time to call others) and use of the tablet for navigation with a.i.s and navionic cartography. New use of VHF radio with A.I.S receiver to know the position of the ships over us, with carrier, speed and broken on screen.


In addition to preparation for bad weather and tormenting, the use of the life-jacket and life-jacket, the maneuver will be taken care of: '' I have to go to gas oil '', English and 'moor here', stern maneuver on the dock . Moreover, absolute novelty is the recapture of man at sea alone and the use of the tablet for navigation with a.i.s. And navionic cartography.

New Use of VHF Radio with A.I.S Receiver To know the position of the ships compared to us, with vector, speed and broken on screen.

Spinnaker and gennaker course

Use and adjustments, hoisted and worn, we'll talk about barber and bumblebee, we'll use more lightweight and heavyweight spi and gennaker, looking forward to your questions ....

REGATE COURSE (Savona Championship)

Saturday's preparation for the use of the Spi, hoisted stunts, training on fastening maneuvers and starting regatta on Sundays. Many of you will think: - I will not have fun, too agonistic and then if I'm wrong, '' undergo criticism '' ... nothing more wrong, confronting other crews, is learning to live the sea with the joy of being able to Have fun, learning in a leisurely manner, with people sharing the same passion.


A course designed for those who want to try out the solitary outings by learning the techniques of sailors and learning to navigate safely without the help of other people who are often not prepared to face unpleasant situations and have no experience in helping them At times when you need it. The course provides both a theoretical part and a practice, going to simulate equipment breaks, unusable tools, and also address the various engine or instrument breakdowns to quickly understand what to do to prevent accidents and especially avoid damaging things and people Board. You will learn how to moor both English and stern alone without help and how to prepare the boat for such maneuvers. What to always get on board before tackling any trip or just leaving. (French cones, electric cables, reserve pumps) .How to use the autopilot to maneuver, reduce sailboats sailing, gps / plotters how to interfacle them and how to prepare a route, radar and alarms and much more useful to your Navigation. Also man recovery at sea alone and use of the tablet for navigation with ais and navionic cartography. Novelty is the use of VHF radio with A.I.S. receiver to know the position of the ships compared to us, with vector, speed and broken on screen.

Info: Alfonso Sicignano

Cell: 347 2694671


I would ask you to consider the security course of 20/21 May 2017
The course focuses on security and the use of what makes navigation safer, how to tackle and how to prepare for
Navigation bad weather, then change sails, safely placed on board things and things.

· Life raft: how do I open, how do I get there, what do I find inside it, what to recover from the boat before leaving it
· Fire on board: what to do in the event of fire and especially what fire extinguishers use and how.
· Shoot fire as it does in maximum security (it will be done at sea) and smoke will be fired, red-light fire fires, and red-light parachute rockets
· Man at sea: How to recover a man at sea by maneuvering in crew and especially what are the fastest techniques for
Approaching the man in the water (exit at sea with MOB recovery) everyone will test!
We will also do the motor maneuver
· Onboard equipment: how to use it in case of emergency on board, mayday, pam pam, securite '.
Safely climbing the tree head
· Motor defects: what are the failures that can be diverted from navigating the impeller to the malfunction of electrical systems, pumps, tools, etc.)
· First Aid: What are the main actions to be taken in case of on-board sickness, fractures, artificial respiration and heart massage. We will have as Instructors Dr. Vittorio Giardini and Prof. Francesco Escofier
· Inflatable jacket: how to use it, how to wear it, and especially where to slip. We will see his use and swelling an instructor will launch at sea

I'm leaving on Saturday morning landing on Sunday evening
Cost 200 euros

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